Milk & Oreo – Chinchilla Persian
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Identical Chinchilla Persians Milk & Oreo were born in the same litter and have risen to internet fame together. They would be lost without the other.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Double the kitty means double the talent and this adorable pair are no exception. It is hard to tell these two apart and they have a strong fanbase. The close pair gets on famously and make for a dynamic duo. The fact that they come as pair adds to their appeal and their names are almost as adorable as they are.

Both are Milking the limelight and enjoying their success. These star cats are great with people so are happy to mingle with new humans. Milk and Oreo have the most beautiful bright blue eyes and are both such pretty princesses who do everything together. They also like to follow their owner around as well as each other.



Social Media Pet Influencer

Milk and Oreo are pet influencers as well as cat models. They have big followings and we can fully understand why these Chinchilla Persians have captured so many hearts and minds.

Pet Acting / Model Experience

They have both already featured in advertising campaigns for Amazon, Tmall and Tigga Towers and are widely respected social influencers. The pair would be suitable for modelling for a luxurious brand given their rather posh princess look. Luxury brands or Cat-alogue work would suit them as would most opportunities.






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