Miggy – Siberian Forest
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Meet Miggy, a stunningly beautiful silver Siberian Forest Cat.  Miggy, (show title “Grand Champion Musrafy Mikoyan“)  is already an experienced model. He is a real ‘daddy’s boy’ and has a special bond with this handler. An incredibly loving cat, he greets his human at the door when he returns home.  He also loves to roll on his back and have his belly rubbed.

A stunning kitty, Miggy has extremely unusual colouring. The markings are described as black-silver shaded with white. He is typically Siberian in build being boxy in shape, with dense boning which supports a very thick and deceptively strong muscular body.

He has the typical Siberian round face which gives him a very serious look! A stunningly beautiful 3 layer semi-longhair coat extends to his incredibly fluffy tail. He has very slight tabby markings on both his front legs and face.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Miggy is a breathtaking pet model. He is predominantly a show cat so is used to busy and noisy environments. His silver fur and wonderful facial expressions make him the quintessential cat model.

Miggy is calm in the studio environment and keen to please his handler, so works well on command. Being a seasoned pro and award-winning show cat, he is happy in a hectic environment and not phased by studio lights and noises. Judges report that he is an affectionate animal talent that is happy being handled.


Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

He shares his home with three Maine Coons also signed to Urban Paws (Fury, Phantom and Sabre) and is happy working with other cats. His previous experience of shows and modelling for Amazon means he is very professional and well adapted to working environments.


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