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Meet Maine Coon Mia The Furkid who is making quite a name for herself on Twitter thanks to her fur-tographer human mum. This model cat loves posing for photographs with a variety of props and her cute cat brother Alvin.

Social Media Influencer

Mia has a following on Twitter that is anything but “mere”!  She loves keeping her followers entertained with her variety of poses. She shares her home with her owner and her brother Alvin who she doesn’t mind sharing her Twitter fame with.

Mia is a rescue cat who has now found her fur-ever home. She is also active on Instagram. With her beautiful green eyes and playful personality, it is easy to see why people keep wanting to see more of Mia. She is happy to dress up and on her Twitter page she can be seen sporting a scarf in the snow.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Mia has worked with pet brands including Pedaldish, Snufflemat , Natures menu, Hoobynoo through her online engagement so she has experience of this sort of work. Whatever your idea Mia would be a perfect pet model for influencer work. Het Twitter platform has her biggest audience so would she would be ideal for Twitter promotions.


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