Mia – Maine Coon
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We have the pleasure of introducing Mia, an absolutely stunning Maine Coon cat. This lovely lady is a gentle giant, she lives with her fur-brother, Alvin. Both Mia and Alvin love running around and playing together, along with making new friends, and posing for the camera!

Social Media Influencer

The lovely Mia is one of our pet influencers.  One of the things that this stunning cat is known for is keeping her followers entertained with her variety of poses.

She shares her home with her owner and her brother Alvin, both of which love to share their fun adventures on their page.

Pet Modelling/Acting Ability

Mia regularly goes out on adventures, sporting her variety of pretty harnesses. She loves nothing more than meeting new people whilst out and getting a good fuss off of them.

As you can see from her pictures, Mia has beautiful big green eyes which are a stark contrast to her full tabby coat. She is a lovely looking cat and will really draw the attention of your audience.


Harness trained,
Travels well,

Campaign Experience

Mia is an experienced model and has worked with numerous brands, some of which are; Pedaldish, Snufflemat , Natures menu, Hoobynoo. She is excellent whilst working and is sure to get you some beautiful shots.

Mia is an absolute pleasure to work with, she will the crew doting on her in minutes due to how sweet she is.


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