Mattie – British Shorthair
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Introducing Mattie, the British Shorthair cat model. He is a very cheeky, daft and always-hungry boy. Mattie has a stunning lilac coat colouring with bright orange eyes.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability 

Along with his British Shorthair twin sister Moes, the duo are more than happy working together on projects and they make excellent cat talents for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns.  With their curious nature, the pair are also affectionate with people they meet.

Pet Influencer 

With a huge following on Instagram, Moes and Mattie are macro pet influencers with their followers mainly based in the UK and US aged between 25-34.

The pair are known for their beauty, high-quality photography and unique brand aesthetic. They’re particularly well suited to homely, lifestyle brands as well as pet food and pet accessories.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Mattie has featured in an advert for Krabhuis and has also featured in a Cat Love exhibit.  As influencers, they have worked with many brands previously such as: Essence PR,, MyMajesticPet, Crown & Paw, West & Willow, Printimals, Honey Guaridan, Gus & Bella, Penguin Books, Case App, Edgard & Cooper, Blink!, Meowingtons, De Kunsthal, KEK Amsterdam, Krabhuis, Kattenfort, Live Love Polish, MyKotty, Printsfield.

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