Matilda – British Short Hair
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Matilda the British Short Hair cat model is the perfect choice for branding and marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Matilda is a stunning British Short Hair cat model and pet actor who has striking amber coloured eyes and a simple, but effective, grey coat.

She currently shares a home with another cat of the Siamese breed called Leo who she gets on very well with. However she has not come in contact with any other cats as she is an indoor only cat. Matilda has been in contact with two dogs and has had no issues.

She is also very good with children and people therefore would be able to work with actors and models of all ages on set.

The average British Short Hair has a distinctively chunky body, short coat and a broad face. The most familiar colour variant is a solid blue-gray with copper eyes. Matilda has all of these features therefore would be a good distinctive face for brand/product advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Matilda will do an excellent job as a pet model or cat actor with whatever role she is given as she is an affectionate, kind natured and playful cat who will suit any role.


Dog Friendly
Will interact with a flirt pole

If there are treats involved Matilda will happily perform sit well. She can also be directed with a treat.

Cat Acting/Model Experience

Matilda has yet to have experience on a photoshoot as a pet model or on a Tv/Film shoot as a pet model. However considering she has stunning features and an immaculate coat, she is perfect for any kind of brand advertising.

The British Short Hair breed is perfect for being in front of the camera as they are beautiful yet familiar and would be perfect for any type of photoshoot or job role that could come up.

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