Marshmallow – Russian Snow
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Meet Marshmallow Cat, a stunning Russian Snow variant (a cross breed of a Russian Blue x Siberian).  Marshmallow is still only a kitten and is loving his kitten life, being spoiled and adored by his humans.  Nicknamed Shamallow by his humans, he has started training early and is already learning to sit and stand on command.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Marshmallow is a real poser, and as you can see, he’s perfect for lifestyle shoots and product placement.  White fur in cats works very well against most backgrounds in media; Marshmallow has the added ingredient of black ‘eyebrows’ which make his face very expressive alongside his piercing green eyes.  A very pretty cat, Marshmallow displays a certain amount of elegance that can elevate any product’s brand.  This touch of class makes Marshmallow great for lifestyle and fashion campaigns; he’s a highly marketable cat.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Being so young, Marshmallow has only just joined Instagram, but is already absolutely flying! His photos are incredible and proving a big hit with his fans.  We’re sure his fan base will grow exponentially in the coming months.


Lead & Harness trained

Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

Incredibly affectionate, playful and well handled, Marshmallow will work exceptionally well on a film set.  As you can see from his photos, he’s already skilled in posing so will work wonderfully on product placement projects.

He can work well with other cats and also children as he’s a very well socialised cat.  Not concerned with his surroundings, he loves to meet new people and is happy working with strangers. Marshmallow simply loves to be handled and revels in human affection. He is fabulous on set and not put off by loud noises or busy environments, rather he is inquisitive and playful.

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