Margot – Maine Coon Crossbreed
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Margot is a beautiful Maine coon crossbreed. She is a growing pet influencer on Instagram. Margot is suitable for a number of jobs including brand awareness, influencer marketing and social media campaigns.

This bubbly young cat is the queen of her home, she loves nothing more than hiding in boxes and playing with everything in sight. Margot lives the best life with her owners, she is well loved, and always creating new adventures in her home.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Margot has a beautiful long coat with tabby markings all over. She is a stunning girl who associates well with family pets. Margot sits well for the camera and will happily dress up for a photo shoot too.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Margot is a micro pet influencer on Instagram. She has an¬†excellent engagement rate with her followers, ideal for influencer marketing targeting a varied audience. Margot’s page is filled with raw, lifestyle photography, this is a perfect platform for authentic results. Her page is suitable for social media campaigns, brand awareness, pet photography, product placement and more.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Margot has worked with a number of small businesses on her social media page including Pawstrip and Weebox.

Margot is a wonderful kitten, she has a lot of potential in the future as she is simply beautiful and has an incredibly loving personality.

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