Marble – British Short Hair
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Marble the British Short Hair is a female born in 2014.  Marble has beautiful dilute tortoiseshell markings and large amber eyes. Her eyes really tug at the heartstrings which make her perfect for advertising work.  She is amazing at capturing a viewer’s attention as her eyes have the capability to draw the viewer in.

She has a caring and nurturing nature and is the mum of her clowder of 10 cats and kittens.  Being so calm, she is a fine example of her British Short Hair breeding. This makes her a perfect on-set cat as she is not fazed by a busy environment and studio lighting.

Pet acting / Modelling Ability

Marble lives among 10 other cats and therefore is happy working with other felines.  She is also happy working with humans of all ages, likes to be handled and works well with strangers.  Marble is happy wearing clothes which makes her perfect for fashion shoots and unique advertising projects.


Wear clothes

Pet acting / Modelling experience

Marble is an experienced cat model and has worked with several home and lifestyle brands, bringing a certain elegance to every photo shoot. She follows instruction well on-set and is keen to please her handler. Marble is easy to work with and is very happy in the studio environment.


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