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Meet Lootah, a ginger Maine Coon cat model, animal actor, and show cat. This amazing bit of animal talent is no stranger to the stage and is ready for his debut as a working cat.

Titled ‘IGRPR Wiscasset Lootah’, he is an experienced show cat and is incredibly well-versed at performing in front of large crowds, making his transformation into animal talent a natural fit.

Little Lootah is primarily available as a cat model, but is also suitable as an animal actor in simple roles that are appropriate for his trick list. Regardless, we’re certain that with his natural good looks and endless charisma, any client will fall in love with this exceptional cat model.

About this animal

Lootah can only be described as beautiful. His sandy shading, fluffy coat, and piercing eyes make for a Maine Coon that will grab the attention of all who meet him. This gorgeous long haired fellow will bring any brief to life with his exceptional good looks. The Maine Coon breed is often sought-after for its distinctive look and Lootah is a perfect example of why. He is a stunning cat model that is perfect for film, television, and advertising briefs alike.

Most importantly, his nature is divine; this cat model is as gorgeous on the inside as he is on the outside. Film crews and collaborating brands will find him to be relaxed and confident and an asset to any shoot. His natural charisma comes across in every shot and all pet photography using Lootah is guaranteed to look exceptional.

This stunning bit of animal talent boasts basic trick training and is able to work both indoors and outdoors, as well as using a flirt pole. He is also capable of being positioned; a great skill for product placement marketing shoots that require him to pose with a product. This awesome chap is amazing for shoots that require multiple cat models, as he is great with other felines. An army of beautiful Maine Coons will liven up any shoot!

The amazing Lootah is available for briefs up and down the country as he travels well. As a cat model, this tiger-like bit of animal talent is visually stunning, but is only appropriate for roles that suit his skillset. His trick training means that he’d be excellent as a villainous cat that is required to sit and be stroked, but nothing more.


Lootah’s experience as a show cat is an invaluable resource for an aspiring animal actor and cat model.

He is excellent on set and has experience in working with handlers, actors, and directors. We think that for his debut as a cat model, this lovely bit of animal talent would make the perfect companion to a fashion editorial piece for a high-end print or online marketing campaign. However, with his versatility, Lootah is the perfect pet model to star in a range of media campaigns for a range of industries. He’d fit in well with the entertainment, pet product, and food industries to name just a few.

This delightful Maine Coon can be booked as a solo act, or alongside fellow Urban Paws UK cat models Bertie, Jak Frost, and Harry, who he shares his home with. Whether you want a whole team of cat models or just one brilliant bit of animal talent, Lootah is an exceptional choice.


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