Loki – British Short Hair
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Loki is an incredibly beautiful Lilac Colourpoint British Short Hair.  He is a 6th generation pedigree and registered with the GCCF.  Born in April 2016, he is already very talented, working well to instructions and always looking to please his handler, particularly if there’s a treat in it for him!

Loki is skilled at:

Beg, paw, walk to touch, spin in circles (to hand signals) & harness trained.

Loki is very spoiled and treated like family  He even talks back to his family when they talk to him and likes to have their attention at all times.

Loki is great with other people and children. Cautious at first he soon settles and will rub all over anyone who will pay him attention once he knows they are not a threat. In general, he is a very laid back and calm boy. He is also very loving, but you can tell from his face can’t you?!

Loki is a bit of a celebrity on Instagram having amassed over 185000 followers.  He has a large fan base and even gets fan art sent to him, making these feline cat the perfect pet influencer for any brand!


To book Loki for your next project, contact paula@urbanpawsuk.com


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