Leo – Siamese
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Leo the Siamese cat model is the perfect pick for branding and advertising campaigns. He has an elegant and high class vibe about him that will suit premium brands and products.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Leo is a gorgeous Siamese pet model and an animal actor who has vibrant blue eyes, the trademark Siamese markings and is incredibly affectionate.

He shares a home with another cat, Matilda, who he gets along extremely well with however he has not come in contact with any other cats considering he is an indoor cat. Leo has no issues with children and people in general as he is very friendly and playful. This makes him suitable for working with actors of all ages on set.  Like many Siamese cats, he is also quite mischievous and vocal but it adds to his overall charm.

The modern Siamese cat is characterised by blue almond-shaped eyes, a triangular head shape along with large ears and an elongated, slender, and muscular body with unique colouration. leo exhibits all of these physical features. Along with the colour and markings, Leo also fits into the refreshing personality of this particular breed as he is affectionate, social, intelligent, and playful into adulthood like many Siamese cats.


Can be placed to stay on an object

If treats are involved Leo can perform sit well. Leo will be able to be directed to do most tricks with a treat.

Cat acting/Model Experience

Leo has yet to have experience on set or experience with pet modelling however we at Urban Paws know he will do a fantastic job in whatever he will do. Whether it would be on a film/Tv set or a photoshoot, this cat will suit the role.

This Siamese cat model would be perfect for any marketing campaigns, brand awareness, lifestyle photography or even high fashion or travel brands.

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