Layla – Bengal mix
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This is Layla Bengal mix cat model and cat influencer. She has a stunning face and her markings are exceptional. These winning looks and her great attitude have led to her gaining a great following online and also make her ideal for modelling jobs.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Layla is very loving and friendly. She will happily greet people and often goes out of her way to approach cat loving humans. This adorable girl is highly playful. If she gets a toy and a little catnip she will play with it like crazy!

Layla is not able to work with other female cats and is untested around children yet. However, she can work with strangers after a quick introduction.

This adorable cat is very active and loves playing football with foil balls! Layla is very photogenic as you can see from her pictures and is a very fast learner.


Harness trained
Can wear pet clothing & accessories
Happy to be handled
Can work with props

Social Media Pet Influencer

This cat influencer has a large following on Facebook in particular, which is a great medium for promoting your product or service directly to your target audience.

In all this stunning cat is ideal for a variety of roles requiring per talent according to her skill set.


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