Lancelot – Maine coon
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Pet influencer Lancelot is a stunning Maine Coon that resides in Germany. This cat’s social media features photography and video that has a lifestyle and travel focus.  Lancelot is suitable for any brand that would pair with his stylish looks and slick marketing.

Pet acting / Modelling Ability

With his expressive face and entertaining personality, it’s easy to see why Lancelot has a huge social media presence.  He has a look that is unique yet relatable and so is perfect for working on pet product campaigns as well as family or home focused brands.

Social media pet influencer

Because Lancelot is so popular on his favoured platform, Instagram, he has a loyal following that really engages with his daily posts.  He has a huge following with an incredibly high reach and solid engagement levels.  Based in Germany, his following is largely European, but we can see his biggest audience figures are actually in the UK and the USA.  This is particularly appealing to brands who are looking to expand beyond their current markets.

The Maine Coon kitty is a perfect fit for many products and services because his profile is full of personality. It’s a fun page that draws a consumer in.  He utilises his ‘story’ and ‘highlights’ features well and knows the best ways to make his photographs shine.

Modelling experience

Lancelot is so far an untapped influencer.  Yet to represent any brand on his Instagram page, making him an ideal target for products and services that are looking for exclusivity or are interested in working with a client that doesn’t have any prior allegiances.  Cat food brands, in particular, might find this beneficial as he is not an influencer that flits between brands.


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