Kola – British Short Hair
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Kola Рalso known as Kolcia Рis a beautiful British short hair with blue colouring. She has a sweet nature about her, along with her beautiful coat and bright amber eyes, Kola is the perfect cat. Kola is a pet influencer that is based in Poland and is suitable for influencer marketing, social media campaigns and creating brand awareness.  Sometimes named Kolcia, Kola has a fabulous Instagram page and is well loved by her fans.

Kola is a well-loved pet and spends a lot of time lounging around with her family. She is the only cat in her household so gets all the attention she desires. If her owners are unwell or not happy, Kola will comfort them and stay by their side until they are feeling better.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Kola is a very calm girl and sits beautifully for images. This makes her ideal for close up shots as she will patiently wait whilst being photographed. Kolas bright eyes contrast against her coat, so she really stands out. She would look perfect against a colourful background.

Pet Influencer

Kola has a large following on Instagram with a fanbase of over 20K. Her social media is lifestyle-based imagery which attracts a wide range of followers from around the world. This makes for the perfect platform for brands to market their product, and for social media campaigns.

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