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Introducing Kenneth, the handsome and striking Devon Rex cat model. He is 4 and a half years old and his unique style and experience in competition make him ideal for a bustling and energetic shoot.

Kenneth’s breed offers impressive characteristics, boasting gem-like blue eyes and their overtly sized ears often have them compared to mystical creatures, hence their nickname ‘The Pixie Cats’.

The Devon Rex breed never loses its playful nature, they quickly become faithful companions and are one of the most intelligent breeds, able to perform tricks and retrieve objects.

Kenneth is a horizontal and relaxed cat, a docile and calm character. He is extremely comfortable around other cats however is susceptible to loud noises and small children.



Kenneth’s ingenuity allows him to fetch on command and respond to his name when called. He is an experienced show cat which makes him suitable for busy and noisy environments such as film sets.



Stand on his hind legs/Beg,

Currently undergoing lead training,

Purrs often,

Extremely calm being handled,



Kenneth’s experience and temperament around humans, especially under competitive conditions would make him ideal for modelling poses, products and other single shoots. His intuitive nature lends to the more adventurous and mischievous character, as his fur likens him to other animals such as small monkeys and lemurs.

He’s experienced working and competing alongside other cats, modelling for judges and later at presentation ceremonies and would be extremely comfortable with changing sets and scenarios.

GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) UK’s Premier Cat Registration Body. – Holds the highest position within this registry.

Official Title: Olympian Gold Imperial Grand Master Cat Kenny Kingsmill






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