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Kat with a K! 0% Photoshopped, 100% born this way! This stunning beauty born in 2017 is the best friend of Madge the bulldog! Nothing cat-like about this kitty, as she has been brought up by her canine friend and thinks she has more bark than meow.

Her appearance is very rare as her half-black and half-ginger face appears to be split straight down the middle. These unusual markings give a half face effect and make her noticeable anywhere she goes.

Chimera cats are thought to contain the opposite twins of each other!  However, this doesn’t stop Kat being perfect in every way.  She has many behavioural traits of your average tortoiseshell cat.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Kat loves people and people love her as she is very friendly and delightful. Always inquisitive, she’s often nosing through the windows at her neighbours, looking to make friends.  She’s a sociable moggy and loves humans of all ages.  She’s also perfect for briefs that include other cats and because she lives with a dog, she is happy to work with them.

A very playful cat, Kat can often be seen on walks out with Madge, playing in the water, and sitting in a dog bowl full of biscuits!  She’s perfect for any brief that has a playful role.



Cat acting / Modelling experience

Loveable Kat is truly stunning and she brings a unique look that will enhance any service or product.  Like many tortoiseshell cats, she is lively and eager to please.  She is happy to work in an outdoor setting and is completely relaxed travelling.  These attributes along with her striking good looks, make Kat an ideal cat model and actor.  She is suitable for a variety of roles, both indoor and outdoor.



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