Karolin – Maine Coon
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Meet Karolin, a simply stunning Maine Coon. Karolin Sky Beyrouth is her full title and she’s as playful as a kitten whilst also being very well trained. A very large cat, true to her breed, her size is impressive yet elegant.  She’s a show-stopping cat that really commands attention.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Karolin has fabulous tortoiseshell markings in her long, flowing locks making her very eye-catching.  She shares her home with the fabulous Zandor, also signed to Urban Paws UK, so she is well socialised with other felines.

Karolin is also an award-winning show cat and a fine example of her breed.  She is well used to taking the “Maine” stage.  Being an experienced show cat means that she is adaptable to new surroundings, great around large crowds and happy to work with people.  In the videos below, Karolin can be seen winning 1st place in the Manchester TICA awards show, September 2017. She is happy being handled with strangers and is naturally photogenic.


Works with props,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Harness and lead trained,
Can work with water,
Can be bathed on set

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Karolin the Maine Coon is easy to work with.  She has worked in professional photography studios and has behaved impeccably.  On top of this, she recently attended a cat casting call (involving 100s of other cats of all breeds).  The casting was for Encore cat food and the producers were delighted with Karolin’s behaviour and impressed by her presence and skills. Most recently Karolin worked with supermarket giant Aldi, modelling their latest Platform cat scratcher.

She is easy to work with, can work with humans of all ages and also other cats.  Following her handler’s instructions well, Karolin is a joy to have on set.  Her striking markings and luxurious quote make her the perfect representative for a wide variety of brands, products and services.


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