Kaito – Bengal
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Kaito is one of the most beautiful cats you will lay your eyes on! He has stunning bright green eyes and beautiful grey coloured fur! Kaito lives with dogs so with some acclimatisation he would be fine on set with dogs. He is a very outgoing boy who loves to meet people, he loves exploring outside and going on transport regularly. Kaito is a typical Bengal who is loving and enjoys being fussed over but he will also have his outbursts of energy and want to play with everything in sight! this is just a typical characteristic of a Bengal.

Along with being so handsome, he is also very well trained, and his owner is always teaching him new tricks and commands to add to his list! He is always purring loudly during his training sessions as he loves learning new things and the attention during the training.



Ability to model

Due to his obedience and ongoing training, we have no doubts Kaito would be perfect for any projects you have in mind, all of his commands can be given from three feet away which is always helpful on set. With Kaito being so outgoing, he will work amazingly well with actors/models and will follow his commands via voice or hand signals, which is a bonus.

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