Joshy – Selkirk Rex
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Joshy is an incredibly photogenic Selkirk Rex with bags of character. He comes across really well on camera and loves to play dress up.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

He is a very loving family pet, sensing when his owner has been poorly and taking good care of her, rarely leaving her side. The rest of the time, he is playful and fun-loving and enjoys purring and sitting patiently for photos.

He has his own online following on Facebook, Twitter & also his own website.

Joshy is great with people and dogs and is also a seasoned show cat and traveller, attending shows around the country. In November 2017 Joshy was awarded the coveted “Supreme Pedigree Pet” title at the GCCF’s Supreme Cat Show, the feline equivalent to Crufts.


Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Will play with a flirt pole,
Look to point,
Touch an object

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Joshy currently raises funds for a small cat charity, The SRPCC Cat Welfare Trust by sales of  Joshy calendars and other “purrchandise”, including Christmas cards, mugs, coasters, and keyrings. The magazine “Cat World” ran an article about his fundraising a few years ago.

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