Josephine & Anabelle – Ragdolls
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Josephine and Anabelle are two Ragdoll social media pet influencers, vloggers and cat models. They are both stunning and eye catching cats who would be the perfect pick for any job role.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Josephine is a seal point omitted Ragdoll with vibrant blue eyes who is cheeky and playful. She loves going on long walks and climbing up any tree she can get her paws on. Her calm and cuddly personality when being held is a common trait amongst the Ragdoll breed.

As well as being affectionate and curious, Josephine loves the posing for any camera and will make the perfect candidate for any shoot.

Like Josephine, Anabelle is also of the Ragdoll breed, however she has a distinct chocolate coloured face with bright blue eyes. She is very mischievous but is a sweetheart at the same time. She is very affectionate and loves belly rubs to which she will purr very loudly when receiving some. Unlike Josephine, Annabelle is not that confident outdoors yet but she is very curious about new objects.

Both cats are very easy to handle by strangers and they are very passive and quiet when in a pair of arms. They are also used to being around new people and children however Anabelle can become spooked if children are very loud.

Josephine can listen to directions and is tolerant to dressing up but can be territorial with male cats. Anabelle is still young therefore is more active and she is still learning to listen to directions.


Harness and leash trained,
Basic commands,
Can be placed in both sit and stay,
Can work with props,
Happy to wear pet clothing & accessories,


Social Media Pet Influencers

Josephine and Anabelle are social media pet influencers, cat models and cat actors.

They are present on Instagram, TikTok & Twitter as influencers.

Both of them are also vloggers where they have a YouTube channel together.

Cat Modelling / Acting Experience

Both cats have previously worked with a variety of different brands including Litter Robot, PetSafe Uk and Reolink Cams. Most recently Josephine worked with beautifully modelling their latest pet bedding range, see campaign below.






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