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Meet Jasmine, the gorgeous snow coloured Bengal cat model and pet influencer. Suitable for a variety of projects such as influencer marketing, social media campaigns, product placement and more.

Jasmine has piercing blue eyes and a brown button nose that is simply stunning.  These beautiful features and her distinctive coat markings which are typical of the Bengal breed make Jasmine a perfect cat model for any situation.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Jasmine is inquisitive in nature and very playful and is clearly loving her youthful years. Jasmine has recent experience of both set and studio work and is not phased at all by unfamiliar surroundings. She loves being around humans and felines alike, living with five other cats who are all members of the Urban Paws family: CasperClee, Tweed and Siena.  As she also shares a house with a dog, she is quite happy working with dogs of all breeds and sizes.


Look to point
Follow a target stick
Harness and lead trained
Use cat wheel (like a giant hampster wheel)
Wear clothes

Social Media Pet Influencer

Along with the rest of the clan, Jasmine features heavily on the Cositoes social media pages.  Doing very well particularly on Facebook and Instagram, the Cositoes household is very popular for the fabulous, professional photography and cute cats in every post.  Both the Instagram and Facebook pages are famed for the seasonally themed photos.  Jasmine is available for sponsored posts and his social media pages are suitable for a wide variety of brands.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Jasmine recently worked with supermarket giant Aldi UK as part of their special buys pet range, see image below.

Bengals are a very popular breed of cat but did you know they only first appeared in the UK around 20 years ago? They are renowned for being adaptable and for making fantastic pets. An experienced show cat, she has worked in a studio before and can adjust easily to new surroundings so she would make a fabulous cat model.

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