Jak Frost – Maine Coon
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Jak Frost is a wonderful Maine Coon, exhibiting all the fabulous traits of the breed.  He’s simply stunning with his white mane and his odd-coloured eyes. One of Jak’s beautiful eyes is ocean blue and the other one is emerald green. Jak is also an award-winning show cat.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

This Maine Coon not only has an irresistible look. He has also achieved so much. He travels well and works well in noisy surroundings with lots of people.

Titled Supreme UK OS IGMC Jak Frost, Jak has had an incredible show journey so far, starting his neuter shows in 2010 he gained his Premier title within 6 months. He achieved the first Grand title within 4 months of that and just 10 months later gained his Grand title in 2012, making Jak the first and only odd-eyed white in the GCCF to have ever gained it.

By 2016, Jak gained his first two MC certificates.  Since, he has achieved 12 BOV’s, 11 Overall BIS, 3 Best of the Best, Olympian and finally the Supreme UK title as well. All of Jak’s success has made his owner very proud indeed.



Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

Jak is very experienced with shows which makes him very adaptable to busy environments. His name reflects his snow-white coat which is reminiscent of Christmas and winter months. He is stunning and would be perfect for stills. His eyes make him very special and desirable for pet modelling work. We are sure his career will continue to snowball.









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