Iris – British Shorthair
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Meet Iris, a beautiful British Shorthair cat model with very striking and unique colourings and patterns. She is available for hire for jobs requiring a cat with the cute factor and beautiful coat colour.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Iris is a lilac tortie (tortoiseshell) with white and her soft colours and dense coat stand out against her amber coloured eyes amazingly.

Her facial features are beautiful from every angle with her broad cheeks and small ears and nose and with the colours blending together on her face it creates this angelical and elegant look.

This little girl is a confident and cuddly cat that doesn’t easily startle. Not shy at all she loves attention and is definitely a lap cat.

As she is still a kitten she has lots of growing up to do and is currently in the process of learning how to perform in new environments.

She has a good recall and sits and stays perfectly for her pictures.

Everyone who comes into contact with this lovely girl instantly falls for her personality and unique and wanted colours.

Iris lives together with a Golden Retriever and another British shorthair kitten, Autumn,  who is also featured on Urban Paws. She can be handled by everyone and lives with a toddler. This versatile girl is happy to travel.


Travels well,
Can be handled,

Cat acting / Modelling experience

This beautiful kitty has on set experience in both film and stills.  She has previously worked for retailers, Next and online retailer Fetch for Ocado.  These advertising campaigns were highlighted by her presence and adorable nature.  She has received outstanding feedback for her relaxed temperament on set and she’s a pleasure to work with in the studio.

In all, Iris is a cute little superstar in the making and would look amazing in any advertising campaign.

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