Indigo – Domestic Short Hair
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Meet Indigo a gorgeous domestic short haired kitten.  Indigo is a beautiful juvenile male Tabby kitten who’s often gets comments for his stunning coat, he is a great model in the making!

Although still a kitten,  Indigo has the build of cat.  He is a charming, playful and intelligent animal.  Indigo is very good around other cats and also excellent around visitors to his humble abode.  He has very distinctive markings and beautiful pink nose and ears.  Indigo has stunning hazel eyes that will stand out in a natural light on set. These attributes make him the purrferct candidate for a cat model or cat actor.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Indigo has previous modelling experience

Indigo has the ability to recall, he will jump up to his owner and runs in from outside when hears he has a treat waiting for him, cute i know.  His coat and markings are stunning

The domestic short hair is still the most popular cat breed in the UK and the breed is relatable to many families, making them a good choice for brands that appeal to the general population. Domestic short hair cats, or ‘moggies’ as they’re usually referred to are a great representation of ‘family’ and ‘home.’



Cat acting / Modelling Experience

Although Indigo does noes have experience he is a very intelligent and trained cat.  He has a lovely nature and kisses his mummy when prompted (aww)! Indigo also loves a treat, this is why mummy gets kisses! He would be great for cat advertising, anything to do with the home, family brands or even furniture advertising.


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