Illy – Siberian Forest Cat
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Siberian Forest Cat Ilyushin (Illy for short), is a stunning kitty born in May 2018.  Illy is proving to be incredibly playful yet he has a very relaxed nature and is placid with people and other cats alike. He just gets on with everyone and loves to play with every toy he comes across.

A pretty colourpoint with striking blue eyes, his ears and tail are darker coloured. Illy has faded tabby markings on his legs and face just as a colourpoint should.  The rest of his colouring is a very rich cream. Typically Siberian, he is round in the face, of stocky build with little tree trunks for legs!  He has a bountiful 3 layer semi-longhair coat that extends along his fluffy tail.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Illy is doing the show circuit and is exhibiting with the GCCF.  He is currently titled as Grand Champion and has won ‘Best Blue Cat’ at the Supreme Cat Show out of 27 cats, which is an amazing feat.  Working on the show circuit, Ilyushin gets to travel the country which prepares him well for long-distance film roles.  It also gets him used to working in noisy and busy environments which will be invaluable for his future career in cat modelling.

Well socialised, Illy lives with other Urban Paws UK cat: Miggy, Sabre, Phantom and Fury.  He is able to work with other feline models and is particularly good working with humans, children and adults alike.

Please note, Siberians are a large breed cat and Illy is no exception.  The pictures below show the sheer size of Illy.



Cat acting / Modelling experience

An experienced show cat, Illy is more than happy to be handled.  He is happy working with strangers and is very good with children. His striking blue eyes and silver markings really make Illy stand out in a crowd.  He will be the perfect brand ambassador for elegant and luxury products.  His eyes tug at the heart-strings, so he will easily draw attention from an unsuspecting audience. Illy is suitable for a variety of acting and modelling roles.

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