Harry – Domestic Short Hair
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Harry, the gorgeous ginger Domestic Short Hair is a fabulous little moggy born in March 2018.  His lovely ginger tabby markings are really striking and make him quite the individual.  A confident cat with a very loving nature, this ginger tom is the perfect choice for a variety of projects.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

At his young age, Harry has already begun training and is proving quite a natural.  Counting among his friends other cats and dogs, he’s quite the socialite.  This makes him perfect for job roles where he is required to work with other felines or even dogs.

As his training progresses, we will continue to see how quick he is to learn.  He’s a very talented kitty indeed!

He is also happy to work with humans of all ages, including children.  Harry goes to work with his owner on a daily basis and is made a fuss of by all that see him. He is adaptable and most importantly handles unfamiliar environments very well.  Being used to busy places with lots of people and different noises make Harry a perfect on-set option.



Cat acting / Modelling experience

As yet untested on film sets, Harry is no stranger to having his photo taken at home and out and about.  He has plenty of fans in amongst his community.

Being the confident moggy that he is, we’ve no doubt that he will get lots of work.  Because his appearance is relatable he is a good option for many advertisers going for that homely feel.  You can really connect with the soft looks in his eyes and appreciate his kind and caring nature.

Suitable for all manner of advertising, from home and lifestyle to fashion editorials, Harry’s distinct look is sure to appeal to potential consumers.


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