Haribo – Exotic Shorthair
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Haribo is a handsome Exotic Shorthair who seems to think that he is a human with his mannerisms! Having such a lovely temperament to match his gorgeous looks, Haribo is the perfect pet actor. He has stunning ‘tuxedo’ markings that are of the perfect proportions. This boy is an excellent example of his breed.

Acting/Modelling Ability

From a young age, Haribo was trained by his owner to perform a number of commands. He is great with children and other cats and able to work in a variety of environments.  When he works with others, Haribo is incredibly relaxed and calm.

Happy to work with both children and adults Haribo is suitable for a variety of different modelling and acting roles. Also happy working with other animals, he has worked on set with other cats, chickens and dogs.  Nothing fazes Haribo!

Due to his training, he is the perfect on-set cat. Because he isn’t nervous of loud noises or busy environments, he is very capable at just getting the job done.  This cat enjoys the experience of it all. A wonderful cat model, he is very easy to direct and handle.

A special little cat with a lovely temperament and a quirky personality, Haribo just loves to interact and play. Amusingly, one of his favourite games is “hide and seek”.

Excellent under instruction, he follows his handler’s commands with ease. Especially when he knows he is being rewarded in the end.

Having so much experience with outdoor projects, this kitty is suitable for acting outside in unfamiliar environments. Because he is a trained cat that has a strong recall, working with Haribo is a breeze!


Lie down
Harness and lead trained
Wear clothes

Acting/Modelling Experience

Recently Haribo shot for a Gucci campaign with former One Direction star, Harry Styles. As a result, he is used to working with the famous, counting Stacey Solomon as just one of his celebrity fans.

He also attended the Unikitty premiere in London’s Leicester Square. All of the cats who attended the premiere socialised with celebrities and received the VIP treatment. Haribo was papped on the red carpet along with his other feline friends. Not an easy task to complete for felines, this is an excellent skill for any cat model to possess. You can read more about this premiere here.

Becoming quite the star, this boy has been selected for many projects. On top of this, Haribo has worked on several student films and photo shoots. Most importantly he simply loves the camera and enjoys being a working cat.

Because of his experience, talent and his laid-back temperament, you couldn’t ask for a better cat to work with. Due to his breeding and perfect markings, Haribo really “Pops” in print and on screen.


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