Fury – Maine Coon
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Meet Fury, the award-winning Maine Coon. Fury has the GCCF Grand Premier title and Maine Coon Cat Club UK Overall Kitten 2016 titles.  Nicknamed ‘Fuzzy’ at home, he’s a big teddy bear and loves snuggling up with his dad.

Fuzzy is a very large Classic Red Tabby Maine Coon with a striking red tabby pattern and contrast. Typically Maine Coon in build, he is long with heavy boning which supports a strong muscular body. He has a thick heavy 2 layer semi-longhair coat which covers both his body and very long fluffy tail. He can be a little nervous at first but soon gets used to new people and surroundings. Basically, if he’s getting hugs, he’s a happy boy.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Fury shares his home with his adoring humans, a Siberian Forest Cat named Miggy, and two other Maine Coons, Phantom and Sabre so he is well socialised with other cats.

With his amber eyes and golden locks, he is a stunning example of his Maine Coon breeding. Fury is incredibly photogenic and is perfect for any pet modelling work. Maine Coons make for great show cats because of their size and overall powerful look and Fury is demonstrating perfectly just what great show cats his breed make. Maine Coons have a sweet nature and are very playful and friendly.


Harness trained

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

The magnificent Maine Coon cat breed is used in adverts regularly as they are relatable to pet owners but also because their striking appearance looks great on film.

Fury has a fiery and eye-catching coat and would look great for modelling on TV or on any kind of packaging such as pet food. Fury has proven his credentials as an award-winning cat and his experience makes him well-adjusted to busy and professional environments.

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