Froggy and Newt – Perfectly Imperfect
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Froggy & Newt are two domestic short hair cats, they are both perfectly imperfect pet models. Suitable for a variety of work including advertising campaigns, lifestyle work, brand awareness and more.

These two boys were born in a rescue centre, from the same litter with no back legs. With the disability comes that extra bit of love and care to look after them. Because of so much hands-on attention, these boys are incredibly relaxed with everyone they meet. They are typical kittens who just want to bounce around and play!

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

In their household, their owner regularly fosters a wide range of animals, so Froggy & Newt are happy and content around new animals. We have no doubts they will acclimatise to any set with ease, and will make friends with anyone that approaches them.

Froggy & Newt are both a natural when it comes to the camera, they will both stare at it with curiosity, and will hold a pose perfectly! Their owner is in the midst of training them, but with their disability, training is limited. Any treats in sight will hold the boy’s attention and keep them still to get some excellent shots!

Perfectly Imperfect

Froggy & Newt would be excellent for any projects you have in mind, they will definitely capture the hearts of your audience.

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