Filya – Scottish Fold
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More information about this cat

Filya is a gorgeous (and rare) young Scottish Fold. He has unique Tabby markings with loving eyes.  Filya is a very cuddly cat and loves meeting new humans.  Filya is very personable and loves to socialise. He also loves being his owner’s shadow and follows them everywhere.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Scottish folds have some of their own quirks such as sitting up and sitting like a human. Fulya can perform quirks typical to her breed which can make for some very cute photographs. You’ll see a few snaps of him posing in his favourite ‘human’ sitting pose here.



Cat Modelling/Modelling Experience

Filya is suitable for all pet modelling projects and is used to posing in front of the camera much to the delight of her online followers.


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