Errol – Somali
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Pet influencer Errol is a stunning Somali cat, rare to see here in the UK.  Related to the Abyssinian breed, Somali cats are really rather special and are renowned for their fox-like looks.  A stunning cat that is clearly full of character, Errol makes the perfect cat model.

The youngest boy in an already famous household, Errol lives with pet influencers Xafi and Auri who are also with us here at Urban Paws UK.

Social Media Influencer

With 135k followers on Instagram, Errol is a real hit with his fans.  He also features in a dedicated cat blog that is frequently updated and has a high readership. These two outlets mean that Errol has a highly engaged audience that follows his every move.

Pet influencers like Errol are very special and are few and far between. Alongside his stunning good looks, Errol is full of character.  With the fabulous photography throughout his feed, Errol exudes charm and an exotic feel. This makes him a sure shot for any number of products and services.

Coming from a multi-cat household, the possibilities for posts are endless.  There is a real feel of home, love and family which is perfect for lifestyle, fashion and any cat brand.  Perfect for social media marketing, Errol is definitely one to watch.

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