Egg – Balinese
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Egg is a very handsome long-haired Balinese Red. He is an absolutely stunning cat and would be perfect for fashion editorial & stills photography.

This cat could be egg-sactly what you are looking for modelling work. Sebastian is his real name but he is better known as Egg. He has a very playful and sociable personality. His affectionate nature is typical of the Balinese breed and this makes Egg able to work very well indeed with people.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Egg is very sociable with humans and has a very bold and playful personality, and loves to play fetch.
This Balinese is full of charisma and charm and his love for humans means he will want to please you. This people-pleasing temperament is also typical of his breed. Egg is a graceful cat and his playful nature makes him great to watch. His inquisitiveness is typical of his breed as well because they are known for their intelligence.


Run in cat wheel
Happy to be held/handled
Will interact with a flirt pole
Can wear pet clothing & accessories
Can work with props

Cat Acting / Modelling Experience

Egg has experience with modelling, shows and photoshoots already and loves posing for the camera so he would be used to doing well in such environments. Busy environments don’t phase him and he has proven he can do well in working and professional situations.


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