Dylan – Selkirk Rex
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Meet delightful Dylan the Selkirk Rex. He’s a young and a fabulous example of his breed, with his striking looks and long shaggy curly coat.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Dylan is an award-winning show cat, showing all over the UK and gaining his first “Premier” title. Dylan is full of character, very playful and simply adores his housemates and fellow Urban Paws friends, Joshy, Dream, and Holly  He’s fabulous with humans and loves to play with his many cat toys, although his favourite is the “magic red dot”. He is also good at posing for photographs.

His distinctive coat is what his breed is mainly known for and it can be likened to that of a sheep. Interestingly the Selkirk breed only came in to being in the late 1980s and originated in the USA. Dylan may share a coat similar to a sheep but he isn’t sheepish in nature. Quite the contrary, he is playful and lively.



Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Dylan’s credentials as a show cat and the unique look of the Selkirk breed that he so excellently demonstrates would make him perfect for cat modelling. His curly coat and magnificent tail, piercing stare would catch attention anywhere.


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