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Here we have Dobby, a beautiful red Sphynx with bags of character and big, beautiful green eyes.  Being ever so fashion-conscious, Dobby loves to wear clothes (that and they keep his hairless body warm) and he basks in the attention.

Living with five other cats and three dogs, he is well socialized with other animals. Of course, will still be cautious about meeting them but after some acclimatization, he is as laid back as if he were back at home with his own brood.

This handsome boy regularly goes out for walks with other cats and dogs and explores the outside world under the safety of his harness and lead. As he goes out so much, Dobby doesn’t get phased by new places, and just wants to meet everyone that is around.

Pet Modelling/Acting Ability

Dobby is an experienced working cat and has worked for Cartoon Network and the fabulous cartoon, Unikitty alongside 12 other cats. Rest assured, he is more than capable of working on tough briefs.  Check out his video below to see him in action! Dobby also loves to travel and loves the attention he gets on train journeys.

Dobby has also featured on Made in Liverpool TV, for a segment discussing animal actors and worked with BBC Bitesize, offering tips for interview techniques, see adverts below.


Jump up/off
Harness trained,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Product placement,
Travels well,

Cat Modelling/Acting Experience

Sphynx cats are an amazing animal to work with because they are so stunning! A quick search and you will find they are regularly used in fashion editorial due to their unique and mesmerizing looks. They also tend to be used as the bad guy or his sidekick in movies, purely because they look grumpy. Fear not, they are as lovable as a puppy! (at least- Dobby is!).

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