Derek – Semi Long Hair
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Meet Derek, the handsome red semi long-haired cat model. This beautiful boy is one mischievous cat. He is fun yet a laid back personality. With his stunning looks and perfect features, Derek makes for a fantastic option for a range of briefs. Derek is very well behaved, well mannered and incredibly calm.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Derek is a beautiful semi-longhaired cat with a chilled and relaxed personality. As he has been shown in multiple cat shows, Derek is happy to be handled and placed in multiple positions. He is used to performing in front of noisy and busy crowds, perfect for a range of photography and film briefs on sets.

Also, Derek is more than happy to be around new people of any age, including children. This means that he would be a brilliant addition to any set considering he will be able to work with a variety of actors or model strangers.

As Derek has attended multiple cat shows, he is perfect at interacting and meeting other cats.  Therefore, he is happy to work with other cats on set. Derek is also well-travelled, meaning he is willing to travel to different locations for shoots if needed.

True to his breed, Derek is quiet, placid and easy-going therefore will not be phased by the hustle of bustle of being on set.


Happy to be handled,

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Derek is a GCCF show cat and has placed high in all of the shows he has been featured in. Making him a perfect animal talent for a variety of advertising and marketing campaigns, such as pet food brands to furniture brands. He is also great for product placement shoots and shoots involving props. With his experience, he will make for a great cat model.

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