Dash – Ragdoll
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Dash is a charming and energetic Ragdoll cat model who has plenty of character. He has an interesting personality and is very playful. As well as this, he loves to learn and explore all of his surroundings.

He is a fantastic cat model due to his handsome coat and colouring. As well of this, he is extremely photogenic and is a stunning rare mink seal ragdoll with gorgeous and expressive aqua eyes.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Dash is learning how to pose for the camera like a true professional. This adorable Ragdoll is also full of lots of energy and loves to play. Dash shares his home with another ragdoll cat (Lola) and loves being around her.

True to his breed, Dash is not timid and likes being surrounded by people. He is also more than happy to be around other cats. Dash is also comfortable around strangers therefore this means that he will be able to work with a variety of different models or actors whilst on set.

Dash is still young so he is still learning a lot of his basic training however he is making wonderful progress in his commands and skills like a true action cat.


Can be placed in positions

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Dash is a wonderful cat model and animal actor to work with considering he has plenty of potentials. He is able to work with other cats and strangers, therefore, would be more than suitable for a variety of different roles.

The Ragdoll breed is wonderful to work with due to their calm and good-natured temperament. Ragdoll cats are known to be gentle and sociable which describes Dash perfectly.

Dash is currently learning how to model from his big sister Lola and is currently having great fun taking pictures with Lola to add to their shared Instagram account.

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