Darii – Siberian Neva Masquerade
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Darii is a gorgeous Siberian Neva Masquerade.  Exhibiting the wonderful colourpoint and perfect markings of the ‘masquerade’ mask that the breed is named after, Darii is a fine example of his Siberian breeding.

His two loves in life are female cats and a good fuss.  He has a very strong bond with his human; like many Siberians, Darii is an incredibly loyal kitty.

Pet acting / Modelling ability

With perfectly bright white fur and colourpoint on his face and paws, Darii performs very well in cat shows and is experienced in the arena taking several ‘firsts’. Furthermore, his white coat shows up brilliantly in photography and video alike.

Siberian Neva Masquerade cats are classed as a large breed and have a very full coat.  Darii is no exception, with his lovely voluminous coat. He loves to be groomed and is very friendly and affectionate which makes him perfect for working with humans of all ages.

Because he is used to travelling to shows all over the country, Darii is able to work wherever needed.  He even has a pet passport, so can work abroad if required.  Happy working outside (rare for cats of his pedigree), Darii is a sturdy all-rounder. Show cats like Darii are particularly good on set because they tend to not be skittish and are often relaxed.  Therefore, Darii is happy working with strangers and is used to noisy, busy environments.



Cat acting / Modelling experience

Having always impressed show judges with his big body, full coat and bright blue eyes, it’s easy to see why Darii is a good choice for pet modelling work.  His elegant, yet robust nature makes him a perfect cat for working in the studio.

Happy to sit and pose for photos, Darii is an exceptionally good-looking cat that can help elevate the status of your brand.  Darii brings a certain elegance and feeling of luxury to photoshoots.  He will be well suited to fashion and lifestyle brands.


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