Cookie – Selkirk Rex
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Cookie is cream and grey in appearance, officially termed lilac tabby coloured Selkirk Rex. He is an excellent cat model to work with and is suitable for marketing campaigns, fashion editorial, online advertising and branding opportunities.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Cookie lives with a large family of cats so is perfect for jobs needing multiple cats. He is a seasoned show cat, so is no stranger to travelling, new environments & strangers. Cookie is a very relaxed cat with new people and will make friends easily.

Cookie sits comfortably for the camera and looks beautiful posing for it. He has an amazing “scruffy” coat, which is perfect for an alley cat type role, as Selkirk Rex have the perfect look for this. We can assure you though, Cookie is a pampered boy.


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Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Cookie regularly models for the camera at home and is no stranger to it. He poses beautifully and stands out with his stunning amber eyes. With Cookie being a show cat he is excellent in new environments and would be easily settled ready to work.

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