Coco – Exotic Shorthair
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Exotic Shorthair Coco is a stunning little kitten born in September 2018.  Already showing the strong breed characteristics of the Exotic, Coco is calm and has a steady nature.  He’s a really self-assured kitty and is all set to take the animal acting world by storm!

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Livelier than their long hair counterparts, Exotics are often more playful than Persians, and Coco is no exception.  True to his breeding, he is incredibly affectionate and loyal.  This kitty loves to please his handler and is always keen to learn.  His training is ongoing but he has already progressed so far in such a short space of time.

Coco absolutely loves being handled.  He interacts well with his humans and is showing a kind and loving nature.  This will make Coco a fabulous cat actor as he is able to work with children and adults alike.  He can also work with other cats having grown up in a household with another cat model; he shares his home with Candy, also signed to Urban Paws UK.

Because this exotic shorthair has grown up with such a good family and a good role model in Haribo, we are sure that he has a bright future ahead of him.


Harness and lead trained
Wear clothes
Can work with props
Dog friendly

Cat acting / Modelling experience

Coco has experienced the photographic studio where he remained very calm throughout, even with flash, and as you can see from his pictures, he was a fabulous subject.

His experience in film is extensive.  Most recently he has filmed a video short for a Google corporate training video; a student film and Travel Up. In the travel up film, Coco had to work with actors, ride a moving suitcase, and react with various facial expressions.

Coco is suitable for many acting and modelling roles. As his breed name suggests, he has an ‘exotic’ look that will suit the more luxurious brand.  If you’d like to make a statement with your product or service, Coco is the cat for you!

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