Cloudé – Turkish Van
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Meet Cloudé, a beautiful white Turkish Van with one hazel and one blue eye (known as feline  heterochromia). He is a fine example of his breed. The Turkish Van is a combination of white and colored patches with the colored patches restricted primarily to the head and tail.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

He and his human have an incredibly strong bond having gone through so much together.  His human spoils him (and the other 5 cats of the household) but Cloudé especially is treated like a little prince.  When the female cat of the household turned her kittens away, Cloudé knew and tried his best to look after them, keeping them warm and comforting them.  He now plays ‘uncle’ to two happy little one year old kittens in the household who still love their uncle Cloudé dearly.

At first Cloudé is wary of other pets, but he will be a friend for life once he gets to know them.  He also has a unique bond with the three stray cats his human’s feed.

Cloudé is brilliant with children and humans; a friendly cat with all people.  He is also trained to walk on a harness and is happy wearing clothes. Cloudé’s eyes give him a unique and mesmerising look.


Happy wearing clothes

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Cloudé has the picture perfect image with his beautiful and intriguing eyes and markings and general sweetness. He would help make any product stand out as much as he does.



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