Clawdia – British Short Hair
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Clawdia, a beautiful British short hair pet influencer. Her platform is suitable for a number of jobs including brand awareness, influencer marketing, social media campaigns and more.

Clawdia shares her home with best pal, Pawsha, both of these girls spend their days cuddling up in the comfiest spots.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Clawdia is trained in basic cat obedience, she will sit calmly whilst the perfect image is taken. She is an excellent example of the British short hair breed. With her stunning blue, velvet-like coat really stands out against a colourful backdrop. Clawdia is perfect for pop-art style shots.



Social Media Pet Influencer

Clawdia has a large following on Twitter, her fans follow her to see updates on Clawdia’s day to day adventures. With her following, Clawdia has an excellent engagement rate, her platform is excellent to market your product, suitable for brand awareness, social media campaigns and more.

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

Clawdia recently featured in the blog Life of a Pelt.  She has also featured on the BBC News website for her 2017 New Year #backtowork tweet.

Clawdia is more than suitable for a variety of work, she is sure to provide an excellent result in reach and engagement.

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