Ciscokid – Maine Coon
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Meet Ciscokid, a fabulous award-winning Maine Coon.  Titled, ‘Imperial & UK Grand Premier Kassaro Ciscokid’, he’s a regular at cat shows and is typical of his breed with his striking tail and large frame. He measures in at an impressive 101cm (41″) from his nose to the end of his tail. Maine Coones are distinctive in their appearance because of their large size and they are known for their sociable characters.

Cat Acting / Modelling Ability

Ciscokid is a show cat and because of this he handles travel well and performs very good on location. He works well around noises and crowded rooms because of his calm and collected nature. This makes him easy to work with even in the busiest of settings. Ciscokid is also harness trained and his breed enjoys human company which makes him adapt easily to his surroundings. His breed has a powerful physique which mean they are are in demand at cat shows.


Harness trained

Cat acting/Modelling experience

Ciscokid has previously worked for Channel 5 and RDF Television. He is also a fine advocate for the Maine Coon breed, being a member of the Midland Cat Club and The Maine Coon Cat Club. The Maine Coon breed has a lot of physical presence and a demeanour of luxury so he would be suited to any fashion or lifestyle editorial casting opportunities. His size means he literally has a huge amount to offer and with his show experience, relaxed temperament and his stunning look Ciscokid would be a dream to work with.


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