Ciel – Ragdoll
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Ciel is a beautiful seal pointed ragdoll, with bright blue eyes which stand out against the dark fur around his face. Growing very quickly he will soon be a very large cat that somewhat imitates a marshmallow because of his beautiful fur.

He is a typical young cat who wants to explore, sniff and play with everything he see’s. Ciel is overly curious about everything including people! Allowing anyone to handle him and true to the nature of a ragdoll he goes limp in a way and is basically like holding a teddy bear.

Living with five other cats and three dogs, he is more than socialised with animals. Of course, will still be cautious about meeting them but after some acclimatisation, he is as laid back as if he were back at home with his own brood.

He regularly goes out for walks with his big brother Dobby (who is also with Urban Paws UK) and explores the outside world under the safety of his harness and lead. He doesn’t get phased by new places, and just wants to meet everyone that is around.

Pet Modelling/Acting Ability

Ciel would be perfect for any projects as he is such a beautiful cat. He will definitely add that “Aw” factor to an advertisement and would be perfect for any sort of family orientated role due to his docile nature.


Harness trained
Happy to work with other animals
Enjoys interacting with children and adults
Product placement
Travels well

Ciel is an ideal cat if you want them to act relaxed and will happily settle down with a model on set. He has attended dog shows, and regularly visits shops in the city so is more than relaxed in any situation.

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