Charlotte – Bengal X Domestic Short Hair
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Charlotte is an incredibly beautiful Marble Bengal girl with an athletic posture. The Marble Bengal is characterised by the letter ‘M’ markings on the forehead above the eyes.  Her gorgeous coat with marble markings is stunning and her classic Bengal face shape is really striking. She was born to be a cat model.

Cat acting / Modelling ability

Progressing well with her training, Charlotte is currently learning jumping tricks. Jumping is a key characteristic of the Bengal in Charlotte; Bengals have been known to jump up to 4ft!  Training makes this girl very happy as she loves to play different games; currently chasing a stick is her favourite past time!  More dog-like than cat-like, Charlotte, like many Bengal felines, is a high energy cat that loves to be outdoors.

True to her breed traits, a very active and talkative cat, she is at her best when playing with her human companions.  Undoubtedly the queen of her home, Charlotte also likes other cats and feels confident being surrounded by them.  This makes her perfect for big acting briefs as she is happy working with other felines and humans as well.


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Cat acting / Modelling experience

An outdoor cat at heart, Charlotte is perfect for working on briefs outside of the studio and will feel most comfortable when doing so.  Because Charlotte has strong recall, it is safe for her to work outside.  She is also a fantastic cat for working with actors as she is so good with any humans of any age, even strangers.

Although Charlotte has Bengal in her breeding, because she is crossed with a domestic short hair, she is still an accessible-looking cat and so has the right appearance for a ‘family’ cat.  This makes her suitable for advertising and marketing projects that are home and family orientated. She will also suit brands that are sporting and activity led since she is such a high energy feline.


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