Casper – Bengal
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Casper, a male, silver mink snow Bengal cat model and pet influencer. He is suitable for a number of roles for work including fashion editorial, advertising campaigns, and lifestyle photography.

Casper’s stunning good looks make him the purrfect cat model.  His silver mink snow colouring, whilst understated, is truly elegant.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Coming from a pet-filled home,  Casper is one of seven cats in the household, plus two dogs. This makes him a very well socialised cat that is able to work with other animals on set.  He shares his home with fellow Urban Paws models: Clee, Jasmine, Shady, Siena and Tweed.  From this, it is obvious that he comes from an excellent pedigree and a line of cats that are very well trained.

A show cat, this kitty is very used to working in busy and noisy areas.  This sort of experience is invaluable to cats who go on to work in busy set environments.


Walk on harness,

Social Media Pet Influencer

Along with the rest of the clan, Casper features heavily on the Cositoes social media pages.  Doing very well particularly on Facebook and Instagram, the Cositoes household is very popular for the fabulous, professional photography and cute cats in every post.  Both the Instagram and Facebook pages are famed for the seasonally themed photos.  Casper is available for sponsored posts and his social media pages are suitable for a wide variety of work. Including brand awareness, influencer marketing and social media campaigns.

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Although Casper is yet to have his first branded shoot, he is no stranger to the studio.  As can be seen from his portfolio, he poses well for the camera.  This, paired with his training, make Casper a suitable cat model and cat actor for any brief. As he grows, his experience will too.  He really is destined for great things.  Casper can be considered for a variety of brands, from the elite to the everyday product.  His striking and unique looks make him the perfect candidate for a large range of roles.

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