Candy – Exotic Short Hair Persian
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Introducing Candy, the elegant and playful Exotic Short Hair Persian cat model. This stunning pet model and animal actor is the perfect option for many various roles due to her incredible look and photogenic face.

Her head is round and broad and she has large, expressive eyes which are round with brilliant vibrant colour. Her coat is a stunning tri-colour and is short, thick and luxuriant.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Candy is a very affectionate cat who enjoys being in the company of humans. This means that she will be more than happy to work with a variety of models and actors whilst being on set. She is also perfectly fine around children and will be comfortable working with them for various briefs and roles.

Candy shares her home with Coco the Exotic Persian and has no problem being around her. Therefore, Candy is more than happy to work with other cats for different roles or stills photography. She is also dog-friendly and is happy to be around them.

True to her breed, this Exotic Persian is very playful and has a fantastic temperament and brilliant personality. She is incredibly well-socialised and therefore isn’t nervous around any humans.


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Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

This Exotic Persian is perfect for any type of different roles or briefs as she is well-behaved, well-mannered and has a photogenic face with distinctive features.

Due to her being an Exotic breed of Persian, she is well suited to a variety of luxurious and elegant brands. Candy also will be perfect for stills photography and campaigns because she loves to pose for the camera and being in the spotlight.

This beautiful Exotic Persian is available for animal hire. She is the perfect option for advertisements or roles in TV and film.

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