Bugsey – Russian Blue x Siamese
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Bugsey is a handsome Russian blue x Siamese cat model. As you can see from his images, this boy is stunning and looks mesmerising with those bright green eyes. He is suitable for advertising campaigns, high end brands, lifestyle photography and more.

Bugsey is a devoted pet to his owner, he has helped her through a number of health-related issues over the years. He has in the past, been nominated for a PDSA award for coming from a dark background to transforming into a bright, happy and much-loved cat.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

First of all, as noted earlier, Bugsey is a beautiful cat, and he really stands out with his stunning blue coat and green eyes. Bugsey looks amazing in a colourful setting due to his colouring, but also looks beautiful in a neutral set just as well.


Give paw,
High five,
Travels well,
Wears pet clothing + accessories

Russian Blue Cats In Media

These cats are an excellent breed to use in any campaign, as they are just so pretty to look at! They give off an aura of importance from how regal they look too. Ford has realised this and produced an excellent advertisement with an empowered cat sitting in luxury in the car whilst a dog eagerly bounces to look over. It definitely gives the sense of the whole cat vs dog war in a fun way of course!

Bugsey is a lovely cat, with an amazing temperament. He will not disappoint on set.

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