Bud – Maine Coon cross Persian
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Meet Bud, the very handsome Maine Coon cross Persian cat model. Bud is an extremely laidback, friendly boy who enjoys meeting new people.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This stunning cat is excellent around children, he is happy to work with actor and model strangers of all ages, he just loves attention. With Bud being so calm natured, he makes for a perfect pet model who is happy to be handled and positioned for a range of photography and film briefs.

Bud has had experience posing in front of the camera on various projects, therefore he is used to being on a noisy, busy set surrounded by cameras and people. Therefore, he will make for a great candidate for a range of marketing and advertising campaigns.


Shake hands,
Harness trained,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Walk on lead,
Happy to be handled,
Works with props,
Give paw,

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Always being complimented for his smile and beguiling eyes, Bud has had experience working with companies such as Tipi London, Luna’s Loft, and Barrett & Coe. He also loves to explore, he is constantly going on walks and loves an adventure. Therefore, he is more than happy to work on set, inside and out.

As well as this, Bud has also taken part in photoshoots. He is a very stunning Maine Coon cross Persian cat who is the perfect pet talent available to hire on a range of briefs according to his skill set.


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