Bubbles – Domestic Short Hair
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Meet Bubbles, a crossbreed kitty that is thought to be a mix between a Siamese and a Ragdoll, but regardless of his heritage, Bubbles certainly has a fabulous character and a truly unique look about him.

Pet Acting / Modelling ability

Bubbles, born in March 2015, is a very well-travelled cat.  With his pet passport, he travels regularly between Spain and the UK.  He particularly enjoys spending time in the orange groves on his Spanish holidays. For this reason, Bubbles is able to work abroad.

As well as being happy travelling, Bubbles is particularly well trained. He is a very social cat and is good in new environments, which makes him perfect for a busy studio environment with lots of people about.

Bubbles has an empathic intuition and an incredibly strong bond with his human and the other animals in the household.  He is a very lovable and affectionate boy, so easy to spoil.

He has other pets to compete with for affection and loves to play and frolic with his housemate, the Tibetan terrier rescue dog, Holly. The unconditional love from Bubbles has helped Holly to recuperate from her traumatic start in life on the streets where she was found.  This all goes to show what a fabulous kitty Bubbles is; definitely deserving of attention.

Bubbles loves food and treats, and enjoys the attention of his training sessions.  A very chatty cat, he loves to be social with humans  When he’s finished training for the day, Bubbles loves nothing more than climbing onto his owner’s shoulder.


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Harness and lead trained

Pet Acting / Modelling experience

Bubbles is the perfect cat for activity branding as he is such an active and able cat actor and model.  He loves to work outdoors so is the perfect cat for extensive film and TV roles.  He is happy working with strangers and other cats and dogs. Bubbles has had previous work filming for Cats Protection.


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