Boss – Norwegian Forest
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Beautiful Boss is a stunning Norwegian Forest cat with a very unique blue coat and white ruff.  Born in 2017, Boss is enjoying kittenhood and certainly lives up to his name.  He loves to strut around his home, putting his humans in their place!

True to his Norwegian Forest cat breeding, Boss is an intelligent cat that is happy to follow instruction from his handler.

Pet acting / Modelling ability

Boss has a fabulous bond with his humans, particularly his mum, following her around everywhere.  Lead and harness trained, Boss loves going for a walk. Furthermore, this allows Boss to work safely outside; he loves to get out and about and is not frightened by outdoor noises.

Enjoying the company of children, hugging them when he has the opportunity, Boss is able to work with humans of all ages.  Boss shares his home with four dogs of different breeds and sizes so is happy to work on set with other animals.

This kitty has a calm and loving nature with a unique look, making him the ideal cat for modelling shoots.


Lead and harness trained

Cat acting / Modelling experience

Boss has attended studio stills shoots and has proved to work well in this unique setting.  His colour makes him really stand out; it’s such a striking look that makes Boss stand out in a crowd.  Because his images are so attention-grabbing, he is perfect for any brand looking to rise head and shoulders above their competitors.

Boss is a confident and sociable cat model that is very easy to work with, making your day on set a happy experience.  He is always happy to ‘stay’ and pose for pictures, so photography with this kitty is easy-going.  Boss is suitable for most projects and has a strong look that is easily recognisable.



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